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"Two roads diverge in a wood
And I took the path less travelled by man"

...or whatever that quote should be (preparing to get harpooned by english-tards who hate seeing incorrectly quoted text)

But yes, over the last few days, I've come to a startling conclusion, mostly enlightened by Robert Frost's poem (which we should have all been exposed to at one stage in our educational lifetime). What if indeed our journey is two paths, and just seconds ago, we had taken the wrong one?

The question is was the one we chose the one less travelled by man? Or more? Does this reek of HSC english again?

I'm probably just musing alone here, most of you probably would have stopped by now (or way earlier) but alas, at this point in time, I need to come to a decision:

- To metaphorically turn around and travel the less taken path
- Continue along the road that runs only one way

I've probably lost my ability to appreciate most things in life anymore, but hopefully I can come to a compromise solution and get back on track again. If not I'll just vegetate til angels sing me to my rest....

- confused: JuN signing off

Is there a Pharmacist in the building?

Ah yes, friday night is always one to look forward to. The weekends are here and it's time to party hard. Hopefully people don't party too hard...or at least go home before that happens, because remember nothing ever good happens after 2am...

Unless of course you spend your glorious friday night at intencity...then nothing good happens...period

Anything from a faulty miniscule non gameplay affected pixels to the lack of blinding bright pink lights will sabotage your entire overall gaming experience. But it seems that the worse was yet to come...

Yes...According to customers, these machine's have become embittered with human emotion, personified if you must, and are now suseptible to the following actions:

* stealing your coins like your brother stole your DS/PSP
* consuming coins to produce enough energy just to laugh at you
* devouring coins because games must eat to live too
* rejecting coins like your gf/bf did to you
* taking your coins hostage

And that's only the short list me what customers have claimed there machines to have done!!!

This was all too much for one customer, as she by some freak coincidence presumed correctly that i was a pharmacist and asked if we sold any panadol. There was a pharmacist in the house, but unfortunately that was my day job. Better luck next time intencity guests...better luck next time~!

- jun

P.S one good thing did happen, and that is someone won stacker today...funny though, they were smart enough to win the major prize but yet still failed to select the prize they wanted..."The machine cheated on me?"......i think not!!

It's always joyous to rediscover things that you used to obsses over but disregarded for a period of time. For Instance, take that old movie that you thought you lost, to that game that you used to slave over hours on end trying to finish, only to get defated by the first pansy boss in level one. But yes, today, some 17 years later, I'm marvelling at the simple action of human movement - walking.

You see I went to sleep yesterday a healthy individual, content at life (mostly) and hit the sack in preperation for my long day ahead.
I woke however a metaphoric baby, as you see my big fat stubby right toe was inflicting tremendous pain. Why? I have no idea...but randomly out of nowhere, the satanic devils must have possessed my poor lil hypersensitive toe just to make my life miserable.

Dragging my right leg, I embark on my journey to the realm that I would later discover to be called CurryLand!

MMM CURRY-LAND.....Imagine if all the water in the world was replaced by curry....perspiring curry while chilling in the sun....and the homeless getting drunk on cheap CURRY LIQUOR...... "wouldn't it be nice if the world was CURRY?"

But no...thats not the CurryLand i was journeying too unfortunately, although i don't particular like the sound of it haha. Anyways, slowly adjusting to the pain threshold i could bear, I staggered to the top of a hill to get to my bus stop, only to be passed by an old CurryGramps [1]. Move over Mr Rabbit...this was a battle between the tortoise and the tranquilised Sloth, and lets just say the tranqulised Sloth came first x.x . The next scene could only be reinforced by your typical movies, making fun of the crappiness of the
main character:


BOY see's BUS passing
BOY run's to BUS STOP
BOY reaches closed bus door
BOY knocks





BOY gets rejected by CURRY BUS DRIVER and the bus zooms off


But hang on a sec....if i am the "BOY" in this story and I had a troublesome toe then what does this mean? Yes....I was already struggling enough from "walking" yet at the back of my foolish mind, some desperation hormone told me to "run like the wind", as so I did. But of course you can't run until you've mastered walking...and as you can imagine, that lead to abysmal failure. So as I watched the Heartless CurryBusDriver speed away, evil laughing at me limping and collapse to the ground, I cursed my cursed toe and waited for the next transporter (Bus) as I watched CurryGramps slowly but surely make his way passed me into the nearest seven eleven.

And so I finally get on the bus (though i'd be slightly late for my appointment) and sit in my usual, not to front, not too back seat with a stop button nearby. And then, a random SuaveCurry [3] dude walks into the bus, eyes a couple of girls and sits next to..yes me...a guy =/ (I hope he's not gay). Anyways Mr SuaveCurry had some form of cologne on, from my limited expeince it smelt like something from Polo...Blue Curry! No that is NOT a typo...it was literally a strong scent of what he just had for breakfast/brunch/lunch infused with the sweet scent of Polo Blue (i'm presuming). So here I am, sitting next to this dude, feeling like throwing up and yet strangely cured by its after taste. Its like taking a poison and its antidote....wonder what would actually happen...

Alas I got to my stop, my toe slightly more healed and continued ambling on to my appointment. Nothing of note happened there....

[insert random fillage bs here for those who actually want to know every detail of my life and what I did at this aforementioned appointment]

And so by the end of the appointment (which for your information had nothing to do with curry or my toe), I had began accustomed to my toe, though there were still some force and pain apparent in my movements (ok call me a pansy if you must but it DID HURTZ)!!
I was about to bid CurryLand farethewell...until MysticalCurry [4] made his prescence known. After a few gulps of bottled water, he waited until I had just passed his eyesight before we had an "enlightening" discussion:

M-C: Hey boy, come here for a second
JuN: .....
M-C: Yes you boy, come on....cooomme on
JuN: errr...yes?
M-C: I sense you have been under alot of stress lately...been overexerting yourself too much lately {young paddawan} (he didn't actually say this but he said something weird and nothing i think i can repeat with english letters)
M-C: Currently you are walking the road of pain and shame my boy....

*shoves his fortune telling business card*

M-C: For a small fee I will show you the correct path that lies ahead
JuN: *blankly looking*
M-C: Give it try *inserting alluring late 30's curry dude wink*

As politely as i could, I bid Both MysticalCurry and CurryLand good haste (and riddance?) and stumbled on home. Seriously...did he go to some godknowswhere University to get a phD in "B. Obvious" and use that to "sense" the pain that I physically dispalyed? Ah wells, Jesus forgives you poor soul....(I really should tell that story sometime....before people start thinking i'm a relgious nut). Lets just hope MysticCurry hasn't been performing Indian voodoo on me or something *shudders*

-JuN ~.~

P.S. As of the moment I can kind of run now, but recently my seven year old brother thought it would be funny to step on my toes and watch me writhe in pain....so maybe I'm back to walking for a while >.<

Asexual or A Sexual Incompetence?

Yes...I've come home from a long and awesome day of gutterball funnessssss~! weeee...only to get home and be greeted on my msn list by the one word to rule them all: asexual.

Sure you might think this seven character word is fairly harmless, after all chickens are asexual and they haven't really hurt anyone or possed a threat to mandkind with WW IV (the iraq war etc is kinda WW III isn't it?), just like to lay eggs and feed humanity...so what can be evil about this word?

I'll tell you what.....its the almagation between females, and their newfound obssesion with this word ASEXUAL. Much like those who lack a lucky number and settle for 7 because it reminds them of jesus or something (dunno the real story but that sounds about right), ASEXUAL is the females new lucky 7, equipping them with the ability to cut down any guy without them feeling bad.

How you ask?

UD (Unfortunate Dude): So um....we've been chilling for a while now and i was wondering if you wouldn't mind going out on a date with me?

AA (Asexual Abuser): haha i'd love to but i'm asexual

UD: I see...


........i think not

But seriously there is no GOOD come back to that....saying "I'm ASEXUAL TOO, lets be an ASEXUAL COUPLE~!" isn't gonna help UD...

So yes, if you guys are reading this and get hit by the ASEXUAL bomb then you know she's not worth your time, and the ladies that use it PLEASE find a better way protecting yourself.  Seriously its unsightly, it doesn't make sense and truthfully I'd rather have my ego smashed into pieces and ran over by a steamroller than hear that awfully word uttered in response to your relationship status.

The one that takes the cake today though is:

asexual ball of flame (the hell? so sexually uncharged that you burn? =/)

Think you can beat that?


Intencity All Too INTENCE...

Yes, sometimes I marvel at the stuff that does come out of Intencity, especially our slogan: go hard or go home~!
Damn straight I think...though not everyone who sets foot in this store gets that!

I wouldn't say that the people that do visit our acarde are indeed not the most intellectual of the bunch, but this customer who came in once does take the cake. You see, this ditzy chick, for whom i'll name DC, is your typical asian bimbo persay...equipped with big (presumably fake) boobs, fingernails so sharp that she could shave off your pubic hair with one clean swipe and horrendous looking skanky blonde hair. Sure, as my mumma's told me,

"Confucious says that your mumma is always right and I say that you should never judge a book by its cover son..."

Unfortuantely as my coworker likes to point out, DC was seriously lacking some booty and as you could guess, any serious sense of ...well common sense.

And so with the best of my ability, I served her like she was just another typical customer:

ME: How can i help you there?

DC:(holding 5 tickets) heeyyyyyyyyyy ♥~! i was just wondering if you could use that thingo to count my tickets 

ME: um......theres 5 tickets

DC: ohhhh really? that was fast...soooo (points to a water pistol with a 50 tickets label clearly stuck to it) can i get that?

ME: uh....no

DC: why not?

At this point in time...I wanted to say because if you don't go hard then go home you stupid @$#!@#...but of course I would never say somethign like that now would i....? So i had to stand there painfully explaining that she required more tickets....content with this answer she purchased a coke, got some change and presumed on her merry way to those hideous ticket games...

Some 15 minutes later, DC returns with a handful of tickets, so I count those tickets up using "that thingo that counts the tickets". What ensues is pure blonde (no not the beer, that would've been a tad more tasteful....but not by much though)

ME: and....the meter says you've got yourself 125 tickets there

DC: so do i have enough for the water pistol?

ME: yup, i belive you can get yourself two, but i'll chuck in an extra one if you want for the remaining 25 tickets

DC: (thinks for a bit).....oh really? THANKS =D ...

*gets all happy and giddy for a few seconds*

DC: wait....(serious face)...so what do you put in a water pistol?

ME: well coke works pretty well i guess

DC: ahh ok, thanks for that, cya later then

ME: have a good one

...yes she hadn't even flinched, had the thought not occur to her that its called a WATER gun because you put WATER in it? Some of you may suggest that she was just playing with me, but believe me, there was no sense of sense in DC, she is beyond any form of saving. My only words for her are "Jesus forgives you"!....but that is a story for another day.

- JuN

I Am An Australian Arcade Worker...

Its been about one fateful year since i signed up to work at the arcade "Intencity - Broadway" near the heart of the city...but probably a bit off centre and more towards the ghetto side of things. Yes, your fateful lil pharmer wannabe working at an arcade....fun right? Free games that you can play all day? Bright lights and loud music that puts clubbing to shame? Lotsa TBs (teeny boppers) to mingle with?

No....its painful really....brings a tear to my eyes.

One day i wish there would be like a sitcom on the shit that goes on at my work because believe me, we would clean up those award nights with no problems...but alas no such production is planned for the cinemas near you.

So for now, there is this

And I invite you to enjoy it


- JuN